Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Whisper of a Christmas Memory

Lights twinkle
Snow flakes quietly fall

Reflections sparkle
On baubles and balls

An energy in the air

Scurrying feet echo & clatter

Mothers grasp small hands

excited children natter

The hiss of wet tires on roads

Last minute shopping done

Families bundle onto busses

They don’t feel the cold

As they scurry home

A warm joy in their soul


Festive music plays

I see it, I hear it

I don’t feel it.

I feel undone

I lost my son

He was just 16

Not yet a man

His humor spontaneous

His laughter contagious

But then there was none


I smile as I recall

Small hand that clung to mine

Small face glowing in wonder

Those quizzical brown eyes

Ernest and endless questions about life

Tall teen arms and legs flailing

Loving life

Guitar playing

music blaring

Endless stories

Living life to the fullest

Then there was silence


I used to feel the warmth and glow

I used to embrace this time

I used to have plans and joy

A piece of me is missing

Smiling through sadness

Thinking of those left behind

Going through the motions

Hollow emptiness inside

My life went away one fateful day

I sigh in resignation

As I ponder upon the fate of

the boy who was my son, Damien

1 comment:

  1. Such beautiful words.

    I wholeheartedly hope that you find Damien. I hope you find out what happened.

    I, like many others, are thinking of you and strongly wish and hope for a conclusion.