Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sorry.  But I have to say this.  

I wish my son's case had a thimble full of the resources, dedication and the will, by UK police and the world at large, to solve his disappearance as does the McCann case.  I fully support her parents attempts to do all they can to find their missing child.

I wish the whole world would stop and search for my missing son, Damien.

I am informed, by Hampshire Constabulary, there are 'financial considerations' taken into account before doing further investigations.  Only new leads will he followed up.  The police say case is not closed, but it is most certainly sat on a shelf awaiting some attention.
Police pull out a long list of actions on Damien's case BUT it took them over 14 years to start looking into his case seriously and turn it into a SUSPECTED MURDER case.  It was 14 years too late.

Funds are unavailable to search a possible burial site for Damien, in England, on home soil, so the public are digging that area instead.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

When enough is enough. 

Living life in a goldfish bowl is a necessary side effect of being the parent or family member of a missing person.  When did life become so crazy.