Friday, November 1, 2019

Light of Hope


For those families like mine who struggle to identify where things went wrong.  We beat ourselves up every day to try to make sense of a situation out of our control.  We want to quantify the event. Something that led up to that moment. Some of us can find those answers but many of us are left clueless.
That’s where the anguish lives.

Truth is we can’t know in many cases exactly what led to this loss. We may never know and that  is the harsh truth.  The reality is we have had to adapt to a new normal. To face a life forever changed.

It may have nothing to do with us as individuals or our family.  It’s just a moment in time that altered the fate of our loved one.  To survive we have to embrace the new normal and hold onto it, take it in both hands and hold it tight.  Never letting go of the light of the hope that someday we will get answers to sooth our tortured souls. Follow the light and positivity & one day truth will shine on us too.

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