Friday, July 31, 2015

I am sharing something written by a friend and a conversation with an ex-police informer on the IW.  No names, just the text and names are blocked except for mention of my son James who this person contacted with information about what happened.................
"Over the last 4/5 years I have felt anger, resentment and hatred to those who took Damien away from his family. They have walked our streets free, knowing what they did and believing they have got away with murder. They have left Val, Ed and the rest of the family to suffer like no parent should ever suffer. They are living in limbo an unknown world to the rest of us.  
As I stated previously I can never name names for legal reasons but I would like to share with extracts from private messages and texts to prove that people who were not involved in 1996 but were privy to information just a few years ago who have declined to admit they were given this information or pass it on.   
As a result of this even the police’s hands are tied and they must seriously think it is hilarious to watch us dig in all weathers with all illnesses and not even have the decency to leave a marker so we can get nearer Damien’s grave.   
I was actually told that this person was a paid police informer and this was confirmed by an CID officer who told they always got results from, yet later when I spoke to a police officer who would have been still in school when Damien went missing that they were unreliable and a liar. I can say that I found this person open & honest about their past. So a Liar No! Never once did their version of events change.   
It just seems strange that the police steadfastly refuse to dig this site despite the same information coming in from quite a few sources yet funds are constantly being used to search Greece & Portugal for two other missing children.  
I actually feel sorry for this person as they have been to the police twice with the same information and yet even branded as a liar they have steadfastly stuck to their story. To me that tells us everything but you have to question as why they will not reveal the identity of the friend that had the confession made to them, who went to Damien’s grave and said a prayer, is it fear or loyalty?????

Please read and let us know what you think.".............. 
15/06/2012 20:11
Hi ****, still away on my break from my children. I forgot to tell you when Police rang me to ask questions last year they laughed down phone when I told them I was told where he may be, I put Phone down on them, told ***** they giggled. Not f*ing funny. I Am going to see my dear friend when he's back from holiday himself! And I would now like a drawing of where he was told where he is. Can only write so much in 1text in this box so will continue on more pages- 
5/06/2012 20:16
Do not wish to give c.i.d's names who I worked for but those who lived in **** ******s nans shack were **** ********- dead now. ****** ***********- Dead now. *** ****** Alive. A big lad called ******* who I shall add was a compleate junkie bully&did'nt give a shit who stood in his way, he was around- 
15/06/2012 20:24
6ft stocky, dark hair, it could have been him the heartless piece of shit who stood outside Vals house! I will ask my friend to draw what he saw&where! To the point he was shown... It's the best I can do for you All. Police are useless, covering up murder tape because one of there own men f*ked up. Do please explain to Val that if my friend wishes not to speak no-more then I-
15/06/2012 20:24
Have to accept it.x
23/06/2012 14:15
•they all asked what I knew! But at that time I was not told of where he may be laid! Big Nose had blondey white hair, he was always nice to me, if they had'nt been, I would have told them to fuck themselfs like I did with the laughing idiot on the phone&so I did ****** when she tried to ring me twice again not long after he laughed down his phone to me. I told James& he got onto it. I was then told he was down Newport path track, that was wrong. He is in *******. Does'nt matter how long it takes there boy aint going anywhere if he where my friend was shown. You see my friend is not no lier, he I trust more than many, I trust him like I do ***, and he is not involved but 
Image23/06/2012 14:33
Was shown where he lays. When my friend told me he had passion of loss in his voice whem he told me. Why me because he knew I spoke to someone who used to be in C.I.D. My friend had his left hand on his heart as he spoke. He has children of his own&was shooken up alittle. He feels unsafe with the police, in fact he hates them. And because I'd mentioned *** he found he had trust in me to tell me. All of them would ask me once every few months what I may have heard. There are so many storys, I bet mine will never come to light.x 
24/06/2012 20:19
Right if your coming out from the in the ****, nettle side. But on your left when you get to a huge hump hes on left from ****** side... It's alittle further in, you will see hump in the ground.  
25/06/2012 14:31
I will keep to this one... At least **** does'nt have to draw nothing. Just to show me the spot will do just fine. I have butterflys in my tummy of worry but I know I should'nt as there really is a trust in **** & yourself. I do Not wish to go missing! I do not wish for my children would go missing because I spoke& my words were said to the Wrong person. We have the spot. Now to find the bump in path or next to it the path on left. Depends which way you go in? He Is on the left.  Speak soon. ***** .xx  
11/07/2012 15:39
I've spoken to my good friend. Told him where my friend& I were stood. I was stood in the middle of the 3paths. the steep stone path was to my left, which most people walk through although it's steep, flat tar mac lays up it&then a bungalow on your left as if you were walking down&then a grassy path inbetween both bungalows. &I where stood right there... God I am so happy inside to be able to speak to him, we do not wish to have nothing. Give it to others to help find theres.x  
12/07/2012 11:05
been to his two days in a row as not seen him since Jan, not easy to catch him alone but worth the wait... He did say, "Parkhurt Forest, what the f*ck is all that about"... I told my friend it did'nt come from me. There are many who are just guessing. Wish they'd stop bloody guessing. It does'nt do us any good.x