Friday, December 3, 2021


The search for a loved one is relentless and there is no official handbook that explains the process.  

When someone goes missing, we need direction.  Do not be scared to offer help and suggestions that are constructive and clear.  Show us the way forward. There have been some articles written about what a family does, or what an organization does,  but do not explain the involvement of the police angle.  Terminology and language they use is specific and sometimes means much more that the average person is aware of. 

 What are their policies and procedures or lack thereof?   What should we expect in reality - not what is written in their own handbook?  To be ready to take up the search yourself when they are too busy with solvable crimes. Missing Persons enquiries often fall beside the wayside. Cases often do not get risk assessed correctly and valuable details and time lost can never be recovered.   Police have dozens of runaways or county lines and dementia cases and it is easy to make simple assumptions about cases.  It is very important a family is listened to.  It takes tenacity and a willingness to challenge authority of the police and it is exhausting.  It very often leads to a breakdown of communication to a level that is just unacceptable, but these cases are not a priority.

Long term missing are a category that seems to be lumped into the pot with the other cases which are explainable.  There are the forgotten cases because they are not easily solvable.  There is no back story and no trail to follow. 

Sometimes, when your mentally and physically exhausted, you just must let go, step back and allow your brain to decompress.

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