Friday, September 9, 2016

Little Red Robin who sees all...

The Little Red Robin who sees all....

My day starts at 4:30 a.m, or earlier.  I go to the gym for 45 mins to an hour.  I call it my office, because while I am on the treadmill or bike I am checking email, talking to people on FB about Damien, the case and passing along information.    I go to work, immerse myself in that, surfacing briefly to check messages if I hear my cell phone pinging, though have to turn it off or I would be glued to it instead of work.  So my day goes.  When I get home I am again focused on Damien, the case and information. Yes, I am also guilty of red light texting and checking messages on the way home for lunch...every minute and moment pretty much is geared to finding Damien and the search efforts. 

I have met some very amazing people along the way.  People who  have gone over and above to try and find Damien in the woodland.  Digging in all weather, slipping in the mud, falling down, breaking ribs, being stung by.....NETTLES.... caught pneumonia.....bitten by mosquito's the list goes on!  They organized carol services, gigs, marches, vigils.  Distributed posters.  Relentlessly raised Damien's profile on social Media and  moderate his Facebook groups.  Support in general from the public who Tweet and share his profile and new articles is amazing.  The support from media has been phenomenal.  I cannot say enough about everyone.  I would love to name you all but I know you are not in this for fame or fortune and would not thank me for it, but you know who you all are.

All this effort for Damien is humbling and I wish he could know.  Maybe he does.  The little red Robin never fails to visit Team Damien's when they are working in the woods, he is never far away and makes himself known.

To everyone who has had a hand in supporting us, sharing news stories, petitions online posters or anything at all.....THANK YOUxx