Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Something is not working!

And still they keep on coming – one after the other after the other.

Smiling faces, some full of hope and optimism, some not quite so cheerful, but every one has a story and belongs to someone.

For 21 years we have searched for our missing son and in the process encountered more faces than I can ever remember from all over the world.  Lost souls.  Some come up so many times I get to know a bit about them and have even met their families left behind to cope.  Some are found alive, others are not.  Others like my son are never found and we just do not know what their fate is.
But 21 years and they are still coming – disappeared without trace – out of character – some appeals are big and reach huge audiences but others don’t.
When does one give up?  Never.
If, in the early days everything that can possibly be done IS done then there is fair chance at finding them or what may have happened.
21 years on and social media is a huge asset in getting the story to as many people as possible – but still they come!  Face after face and one has to ask how so many can vanish and their cases languish on a dusty shelf – forgotten.
I am calling for a law that will ensure all cases get the best shot from day one with better risk assessment, especially for young males.
Check out our manifesto and if you think this is a way forward please add your signature – anyone anywhere can sign it. Thank you!