Monday, December 15, 2014

I wish I had more time with you Damien.  I wish that I had taken more photo's.  My heart is very sad that your no longer here.  We all miss you terribly.  No matter how many years keep rolling by,  we love and miss you as much today as we ever did, if not more.  My heart cries for you every day.  I wish we had more time with youxx 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's one of those nights

It’s one of those nights…can’t sleep as my mind is turning over the day’s events and wandering back into the past and all things Damien. 

There is a group of volunteers who are digging an area of interest in the hope of finding my son’s remains. 

As I have said in other blogs, the police refuse to look at this area so we are unable to get any help.

Recently a white waxy substance has been found 6’ underground.  When tested in water the substance does not dissolve.  Our concern is that this could be ‘death wax’ or Adipocere, which is commonly found in a site where a body has been for a while.  It is gruesome to think about, but the best hope I have these days is to find what is left of my son.

This find was reported to police, a few weeks ago, but no one has shown up to take a look.  I spoke today to my SIO who informed me that she is trying to “get permission” to be able to test selected items from the dig site as and when we find them.  But they won’t help with the digging.  I was told that if it was Adipocere there would be bones in the vicinity.  My understanding is that there is a large amount of concrete in the vicinity, so how can they remove that without equipment more manpower to know whether there are bones there or not?   With limited or no resources available, we have little chance of getting very far with this endeavor. 

We need this waxy substance evaluated.  It may be nothing but we won’t know unless forensic tests are carried out so unless the police “get permission” we won’t get this accomplished.  I should have asked who must give the police permission to test a waxy Adipocere like substance found in an area where it is rumored that my son was buried.